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Water Conversations - Ghana, West Africa

Water Spot, 2009

Water Conversations - Bodh Gaya, India 2011

Water Bodies and Spirits

Description: Nobuho Nagasawa's Water Weaving Light Cycle pulsates with shifting hues of blue light. The sound sculpture woven from optical fiber is suspended above a Seattle City Hall stairwell.

The Roosevelt Community Center in San Jose, A, a LEED gold building, was completed in Fall, 2008. My two installations here detain and filter storm water runoff from the roof.

Salway Park is one of the pilot projects for the Mill Creek Greenway system in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Biosculptures™ are living sculptures that use the capacity of carefully chosen plants to clean and filter water.

TRANSRIPTEASE (2007) is New York City's First Solar Powered Oyster Reef, a living art work, growing in the intertidal zone in MCNEIL PARK on College Point, Queens NY.

In 2003-2004 the City of West Palm Beach redesigned its premier park, 130 acre Dreher Park, to improve stormwater capacity and enhance recreation areas.

Dicen que donde el hombre vive demasiado tiempo
se transforma en desierto.
El agua que da vida,
cuando hay demasiada vida vivida,
se transforma en algo muerto,

2013 Audiovisual installation 90 x 6L water bottles, audio and video projection Co-authored with Raquel Checa 540L / 54‘’ is a sculptural and audiovisual project with ecological complaint character