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AquaVoltaic is a commentary on the commercial use and abuse of water, and a satire of globalisation and popular media.

Prefall 135 is an interactive audio-visual installation. It uses the energy of falling water to make watermills rotate and produce sound and graphics.

Work in progress of the installation "A Chuva não cai da Lua"
Andrea Inocêncio
Andreia Luis (video edition)

by Nothing + minimalartifact
was supposed to be released at BeachParty 2009 (didn't work out)
Kazuya - jellyfish anim

With Earthscore, we can compose different ways of living on Earth.

Drawing Water is a constructed landscape shaped by the relationship between where water falls and where it is consumed within the United States.

A temporary installation by the Living Architecture Lab at Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation and Environmental Health Clinic at New York University.

Interactive installation at h2o emergencias.

"El agua que llega. El agua usada. El agua que podemos llegar a tener."
¿El agua que brota del manantial tiene la misma calidad que la que circula en estas tuberías?

In memoriam to the Prestige desaster in Galicia, Spain, 2002

The following project has an ecologist point of view and protest Among the use and bad use of water. Its simply hides Apparently approach to major problem as well as deep symbolic meanings.

The children of DES –European Interactive School appealed and spoke to the children of the future assuring them that from now on they will care and will protect the water in order to have them the

A short 7 minute video.

2013 Audiovisual installation 90 x 6L water bottles, audio and video projection Co-authored with Raquel Checa 540L / 54‘’ is a sculptural and audiovisual project with ecological complaint character