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Audiovisual installation



Are a set of twelve video installations, video and audio together form a haunting composition.
The sequence of images are landscape shots which I have slowed down and distorted,
which maintain the balance between the moving and still, frames that act as windows.

The audio captured in different places from the images but belonging to the same environment,
causes strangeness, the absence of a relationship with the visuals.
The audio frames the fiction, exaggerating the illusory, staging of the other.

Prefall 135

Prefall 135 is an interactive audio-visual installation. It uses the energy of falling water to make watermills rotate and produce sound and graphics.

The sound is inspired in the sound produced by natural elements like wind and water. Every watermill has a specific function in this system, and the movement generated by the water falling will change parameters, creating this way some dynamic evolutions in the sound that comes from the installation.
Generated graphics are created according to the input of the camera that detects the rotation of the wheels.


interestrelar is an audio-visual device that broadcasts sounds of cosmic collisions, spiraling galaxies on black holes, through woofers with ink that make automatic galactic drawings operated by the occasional movements in the street. Interestrelar is a generative, infinite, irrepitable installation, a machine that generates space sounds from the analyzed movement from a vigilance camera, projecting ink from woofers to sheets of paper, performing abstract automatic drawings that recall space charts, placing the space reverberating cosmic sounds. (2009)

540L / 54''

2013 Audiovisual installation 90 x 6L water bottles, audio and video projection Co-authored with Raquel Checa 540L / 54‘’ is a sculptural and audiovisual project with ecological complaint character. The extractive exploitation (illegal) will abate very significantly the flow of several rivers, dragging irreversibly the valuable ecosystems in which they are located. The installation consists in a prism from 90x6L water bottles. A 540 liters block, the same 540 liters will be extracted from the mountain every 54 seconds to be bottled.

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