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Atlantic Ocean

Carry me to the shoreline

The project explores shoreline soundscapes in the city of Fortaleza, Brazil Atlantic coast, in places affected by 2019 vast oil spill affecting local population and wildlife. The artist captured short audios in quite hours in the morning and a series of data-driven sculptures was algorithmic generated using the audio or soundscapes as an input to inform the objects. The sculptures are intended to reassemble trophies humans metaphorically can win for the success in impacting environment.

Noise Aquarium


5 Jun 2017 - 12:00pm
NOISE AQUARIUM premieres June 5th as a featured project at the WEB3D Art Gallery ON | OFF: 100101010

VICTORIA VESNA in collaboration with Dr. ALFRED VENDL and MARTINA FRÖSCHL from the Science Visualization Lab Angewandte, University of Applied Arts, Vienna have been developing this project for the past year and now it is showing at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. The work is projected on the cutting edge QT CUBE screen.

Alma da Agua

The concept for ALMA da AGUA or “Soul of the Water,” an interdisciplinary art-in-space collaboration between Richard Clar of Art Technologies and Dinis Ribeiro of Companhia Espacial Portuguesa, Lda., began in 2000. Since then, for various reasons including economic and political, part of the objectives and methodology of ALMA da AGUA have changed.

Ocean Research

The Centro de Oceanografia (CO) is a multidisciplinary marine research centre of the Portuguese national R&D system. The host institution is the Faculty of Sciences University of Lisbon (FCUL). The other partner institution is Évora University (UE).

The mission of CO is to develop, at high international level, basic and applied research in oceanography and aquatic ecosystems.



MillionTreesNYC, one of the 132 PlaNYC initiatives, is a citywide, public-private program with an ambitious goal: to plant and care for one million new trees across the City's five boroughs over the next decade.

By planting one million trees, New York City can increase its urban forest—our most valuable environmental asset made up of street trees, park trees, and trees on public, private and commercial land—by an astounding 20%, while achieving the many quality-of-life benefits that come with planting trees.


“Entrapment plasticity of the infinity sea” is a video art that deals with the notion of being entrapped and trying to survive, keep going. This situation is always changing its form as the sea is in constant movement and changes its state. The images of this video were recorded on different places of the Caribbean Sea (Los Roques in Venezuela, San Andrés in Colombia, Ulila in Honduras, Caye Amberguis and Blue Hole in Belize), the Red Sea (around Hurghada) and the Atlantic Ocean (Bahia, Brazil).

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